Little Rays Auto Parts -Warranty

The Gold Standard in Warranty.

At little Ray’s we know how important it is to build confidence with today’s consumer.  That is why we are working to become the gold standard in recycled auto parts.  We are doing just that by making guarantees and standing behind them.  All of our recycled auto parts are sold with a free warranty.  We will not try to upcharge you or convince you to buy additional coverage.  We simply guarantee all of our parts to not only be free of defect but also be in working.  This warranty applies for a date no less than 30 days from the date of purchase.  This ensures that you can source and purchase with confidence from our yard or any of our extended network of suppliers. That is our guarantee extended to you, our valued customer.


Our Mission

Our sole mission is to service the auto parts needs of our customers with professionalism, knowledge and kindness.


Little Ray's Auto Parts offers a 30 Day Warranty on all parts sold.